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Professional Sporting Clays Association

Professional Sporting Clays Association

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  • The PSCA Experience

    Rivalries will be born. Champions will be crowned. Welcome to the PSCA!

  • Learn More About Our Amazing Pros

    Sixty of Sporting Clay's best pros are ready to compete.

  • PSCA tour

    This isn't a personality contest. No one gets voted off this island. The shotguns do all the talking on the PSCA tour.

  • Aim for Greatness
  • Learn About the Equipment and Techniques
  • Catch all the Action on NBC Sports this Summer
  • When the Smoke Clears there will be One Champion
  • Young guns and seasoned veterans
  1. PSCA Vision
The purpose of the Professional Sporting Clays Association (PSCA) is to provide a professional tour for top athletes. This tour will give qualified top athletes of the sport greater access to closed competition with other athletes of similar skill. It will also provide access to media and other notoriety, which in turn will allow them all of the benefits of other professional sports. By creating such an association, the benefits will not be limited to the professional athletes, but also to amateur competitors, club owners, and the entire industry by allowing greater mainstream acceptance of the sport.

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